I just got a new iPhone and downloaded Scrabble Go because it was the only version available. This is outrageous. Most of my opponents have clouds so I guess you’re right. I don’t want cartoons, child like reward systems, etc. I simply loved the easy-to-play old Scrabble. Whether its crap or not is irrelevant. No need to get the Scrabble Go folks to make their game more like the original — it is what it is and you can still play Scrabble on WM+ without annoying distractions. I would pay to make all the obnoxious prize chests and diamonds go away! Does anyone know if there is a way to get it back? The new game is a caricature….worthy of an SNL parody. AND I HAVE NOT ALREADY POSTED THIS! I downloaded the app last week, I showed a loss within a couple days. For me it will be “Dump” day, but I won’t be waiting that long to ditch Scrabble Go from my screens. Yes. It is a welcome reprieve. But now that day may never come. Dumbing down of the world is complete thanks to you. There are far too many other games with all that nonsense I gather there is more $ to be made with in app purchases that tie to other games than simply paying $9.99 for the (premium) original Scrabble app. Unbelievable. The only version I’ve seen has been scrabble go…and like most posters I’d like to tell it where to go. I couldn’t wait for the game to end it was too slow going and childish. There’s no 2 letter dictionary that I can find, either. They are true torture and with no way to opt out. There is no option for “Teacher” to show the best word that can be played. Thank you for saying what desperately needed to be said. My guess is that other player played their word long before you showed up…got bored…and left. No longer opening on iPhone or iPad. I don’t want Scrabble Go. I’ve been playing Scrabble since 1959! We only have until June to play. 1. I don’t think it is a good idea to put bots with real players, it can be used for practice games. But at the moment they are offering ad-free for a month for free then after that is just a couple of pounds a month. I’m trying it on a laptop, and it seems ok. I’m only playing the demo version with a bot (who’s winning by far). I want the old game back. But as soon as she confirms that she can indeed access Scrabble, I’ll buy the game and see what it looks like. How could they not listen to the voices of all of their consumers? Give us back our beloved original Scrabble! Keep your participation trophies and My Little Pony colors. As a data scientist, I love the metrics and stats. See your Java Script console for more info. You quickly put down your first word. Nonetheless, I’ll make sure to share your feedback about Scrabble GO with the rest of the team for review. I’m so sick, I can’t believe what they have done to my beloved game that I’ve played for years. Going to delete. It is however a chance to connect with my fave opponents and not feel so alone. So damn annoying !!! save. It’s garbage!!! G O spells the end of the game. What we need to do is to go on the offensive. Shame on Scopley not only for developing this unnatural disaster…but more than anything for slapping humanity in the face and insulting us by expecting any moderately intelligent human to be anything but utterly repulsed by this noisy, candy colored piece of garbage! Now I went on their website and left another comment here : https://scopely.com/contact/, Scrabble Go is awful! I am dreading June 5th. Maybe they show up the next day…maybe not at all. Adults will remain loyal to the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” version. Lockdown brought me to this and I was sure I’d seen a more authentic game years ago. How can this be? Scrabble Go is total bullshit. Everything cleverly stores inside the case for storage that's a breeze! I installed the app 2 days ago and several people unknown to me have started a game with me. But the advertisements completely ruin the flow of the game, and I’ll never pay a monthly fee to get rid of them. I am able to willingly “forget” tiles, somehow). Not gonna happen. ” build “Scrabble” for today’s market” Yep, it’s total junk, a monstrosity. Yes, I too contacted Hasbro/Scopely and here is their reply (my email to them appears below): Very disappointing. Money money money….it’s a rich mans world! Today all I got in one chest was six of the same unusable card. In 2009, Hasbro the owner of Scrabble, licensed it for mobile play to Electronic Arts. Scrabble has been something that has helped me through a lot of difficult times, and now they’re taking this away from us? Who ever thought this up are responsible for the worst app ever it’s a load of rubbish. App Page. It appealed to people, regardless of age, who wanted to play REAL Scrabble and had no interest in pink and purple unicorns or trinkets and rewards. His name is Michael M. He has a photo with his wife. When you enter a word and click on Check Dictionary button, it simply tells you whether it's valid or not in scrabble word game. And we all know that is a lie. Gave it a try in “classic’ mode, played quickly, and got my clocked cleaned. The game is the latest in Scopely’s diverse slate of mobile games, including MARVEL Strike Force, Star Trek™ Fleet Command and YAHTZEE® With Buddies, among others. the tile bag. You’re spot on. I am elderly and because of Covid19 I spend a lot of time at home on Scrabble. It is life-altering! I don’t want to! Unbelievable rubbish. Still I would gladly pay to get the old scrabble back. Are you suspicious when your opponent comes up with something like BIBIMLAP? The one thing I can do to relieve stress and boredom is gone. I can almost guarantee that when you are ahead with only a few tiles to play, your opponent will permanently disappear—hoping you will get frustrated and forfeit the game. Get a life! Reaffirms my notion of common sense. I miss my dear friends in England that I can’t play with now. I can see that you really loved the classic layout and not so much the new one. 650-628-9111 It has ripped a good part of the good part of life out of the #boomer generation in my family alone. Well i feel like there are more than just Zoey as bots.. there’s this player Jose N. who is online nearly 24/7 and his gameplay and score will match mine per round! Has anyone started a change.org petition to have the new owner of the app keep it in its current state? I miss playing with my daughter and friends. I like the old game better!! Phuc. Shawn, George and Robert. I would be willing to pay for it. Make sure your anger is not directed at the victim. We’ve lost a great friend. Our tools. There are way too many other choices to put up with that. Perhaps I’ll take up growing roses. I am deleting it. Read it here: https://withoutbullshit.com/blog/the-scrabble-go-experience-and-how-to-avoid-it. The only hit will be in seeing Scrabble GO epically fail and go down like Ancient Rome into a massive dumpster fire of digital jewels!!!! So I was thinking…. My experience is that most of them have an agenda. Practice Mode Perhaps the company (Scopely? Saves me putting in something that not allowed. Very suspicious hahaa.. Double triple-word score of 194 points for wingover. Always comes down to the last tile. Scrabble GO will fail miserably. We will certainly reward you. My first over 200 points word! What a horrible decision to change Scrabble. Bring back the old Scrabble. Have been in an email conversatation with them. May not be quite right…but still can’t figure out the long waits…even at the very start of the game. Will be sad to see a perfectly great game and pastime for many years for millions of people go swirling around the bejewelled toilet bowl! This game takes forever to play, shuts down frequently and seems to be used as a dating site for lonely men! Level up & Unlock more I have a dear friend who is bedridden but highly intelligent who used to chat and play her moves several times a day. Why would anyone in their right mind get rid of a wonderful game and replace it with pathetic nonsense! I won’t even consider using the new app, which is garbage. I am an AVID “scrabbler” and this is a travesty! Furthermore. 100% agreement with the comments. They need to understand that there are millions of us who grew up playing real Scrabble, and many of us have migrated to online Scrabble. Is there a takeover expert among us? That’s HOW GOOD Scrabble is! I won’t play. I can’t get past the childish theme! As close as you can get to real in-person scrabble. But that won’t help me play the advanced computer. Totally agree—scr@#ble “go” must go Did they ask the faithful what they thought? accessed through FB. A truly awful experience. Do you remember if you paid for the full version app or not? Yes. No bells and whistles or other childish gimmicks. 6 people found this helpful. I haven’t managed to even think about scrabble go. Be careful! Really? Not to mention I paid full price and good money a few times over to make sure people in my family had the ad-free version of the old one. I did a little experiment where I used an app to solve the best word for every rack and I got 18% as many bingo words in my rack (let alone that I could actually play on the board) compared to the computer. Ugh. I agree. It feels like a pink and purple unicorn is about to fly out of the phone (which would actually be kind of cool, but, it’s not going to happen). Hope you all will also contact Scopely and give it a try or come up with another way we Scrabble fans can try to get the game back again. — and they’ll push the latest version to you so you can do it. Scopely have dropped several hints in reply to Facebook comments that they’re still planning more improvements to the “classic” mode. Send a game request and your email address and I’ll send screen snapshots showing how to do it. Ruined the game totally – the developers need to do something about this. Bring back the old Hasbro style Scrabble game or a facsimile that looks and feels like your old friend that we have known for years. I had scrabble go installed for all of 30 minutes before I deleted it. I have been playing the classic version with two childhood friends for about 15 years. Report abuse. This company should be ashamed of themselves! Feel free to do the same, or perhaps someone wants to start an online petition? I can see it is not only us, my boyfriend and I, who are very upset over this childish rendition of the old fashioned scrabble game. Thanks for the suggestion. Here is another trick played on you by Scrabble Go. Great Business decision. I still prefer the interface and features of the original Scrabble, but the game is the same on WM+ and there are some interesting options. cadoherty@ea.com, Post a comment on Hasbro’s Facebook page (under their March 30 post We’re here with you) at: https://www.facebook.com/hasbrogaming/, Send a message to the CEO of Scopely, Walter Driver, through Linked in at: I find Wordfeud an acceptable alternative. Kind of silly and short-sighted. All I can say is, I still cannot believe that this company would take down a classic game and replace it with the garbage called Scrabble GO. Once deleted it could not be reinstalled. Also pandemic prevents small meetup groups which would bore me anyway. They’ve left Scrabble running on Their servers. I don’t want gems or extraneous baubles. Just had the obscene experience of opening Scrabble GO for the first time. It is an absolute load of crap and I am deleting it. So disappointed that the classic Scrabble game is going in early June. great question. In one very short conversation, the man’s first question was about the stability of my 37 year marriage. I need to feel calm when I’m playing this game. I’m addicted to online scrabble. Once you turn on ‘Classic Mode’ and ignore the explosion of glittershit everywhere, it isn’t so bad. SCRABBLE HELL now. English is my second language, and playing scrabble was always a fun way to help learning new words. PS – my whole family have already jumped on the ‘Go’ bandwagon, but I think I prefer playing strangers anyway! Is it new? Is go a Scrabble UK word? I whole heartedly agree with you. I’ve beaten every opponent. EA’s rights to publish Scrabble have transitioned to Scopely, who have recently launched Scrabble GO, a new game for Scrabble fans developed in partnership with Hasbro and Mattel. I too have a Brain Injury & it is so very good for everyone’s Brain. Then, I repeat all over again. I’m literally reeling that I can’t play with my friends and family without a “prize” interfering every play ! If I am correct, other people are also getting immediate games with that same “person.” Any thoughts. Scrabble go is insulting. I suspect that improving the algorithm of the computer opponent will be a fairly easy improvement to implement and they would want to release it fairly soon. I’ve logged about 12,000 games on the old app. Scrabble To Go travels in first-class style in its all-inclusive soft-sided zipper case. I strongly encourage everyone who has posted on this blog to contact Scopely’s Customer Support at https://scopely.com/customer-support/ and repeat the same comments they posted here. Disgraceful. Another defector. Welcome to Tile Bag Server. I may be doomed to spend what little spare time I have fighting off a migraine headache if I want to keep spending time interacting with my faraway friends through our favourite pastime. He said your welcome. We would play rematches or just run into each other from periodically by chance. I am gutted and so very angry. Well, needless to say I still miss this familiar small red and beige button on my board. Then, I swipe up on the Scrabble Go app itself to also close that. I’m glad to see I’m not only one appalled by Scrabble Go as a replacement for the current well sorted out Scrabble game. I did! 4. Also like you (almost) I was looking forward to the day when I could make the word “quixotic” hitting both triples. They won’t listen to pleas. Just bring it back. Electronic Arts does not own Scrabble, they had an exclusive license agreement with Hasbro, the owner. For how long? For any person who loves a challenge, it’s great. It plays the real classic game, you can hook up to your friends via Facebook (maybe some other ways as well, I haven’t tried). The Scrabble app also essential for my mother, who needs something to occupy her mind during my father’s cancer treatments and at other stressful times of day. “WITHOUT THE BULLSHIT”. The truly sad thing is that Scopely (and Hasbro) will almost certainly make a lot more money on Scrabble Go than EA ever made with Scrabble, even if all of us real Scrabblers never play it. Been playing constantly since 2009 and am appalled at the option that we’re being steered towards. ⭐Play the updated version of the classic word game as a free to play mobile game⭐ Collect Playable Word Tiles Play Scrabble GO and personalize the classic scrabble experience with custom word tiles! I agree! I purchased The Franklin Mint version 35 years ago, to keep as a collectible. Hasbro…..PLEASE give us back our plain Scrabble…. Can they please leave an iconic game alone! Scrabble GO says they have a traditional version, but you still have to wase through all the flash and sparkles… and you still win “gems”… I dont want gems, I want a plain and simple scrabble game! Pls someone tell me where I can get a good scrabble game online. – Making it easier to start games and find friends Ignoring the Disneyland interface, I chose a random opponent. I assume you mean bibimbap which is a dish you might get at a Thai restaurant. So keep your eyes pealed! You can tell right away from photos (stolen) and the questions they ask. Not worth finding out, as there’s no going back!! BUT I must have a stake in the company because I dont agree with the consensus group posting here. We’re both old men (he 71 and me 78). I tried the new game, really not worth my time so I deleted it. Pauline – I also play solitaire, and my game still works offline on my iPad. The real challenge came when playing others also using a cheating app. - New word search game. Scrabble Go is for stupid, incompetent, and mediocre players! We all hate the new Scrabble….gimmicky and awful colours. The bots that play even speak in code. Oh my gosh! Why would you cancel Classic Scrabble and force people to this juvenile Scrabble Go? We need to find a way to reverse this! How do you keep on playing with your iPad? Can we get these messages to those who took scrabble away. That is totally bullshit. This isn’t scrabble. Like one person put it, it is about money! Having switched to classic mode it is a lot better. Thank You. Not sure I’m spelling it right, but look it up. Rename Scrabble Go to Vomit Go as this will actually describe the sensation it produces. I don’t want to unlock new tiles. I want my money back! I am so sad to see hasbro scrabble end. As much as we hate this new game, we play it. Please restore the old Scrabble. https://apps.facebook.com/wordswithfriends. Our points are always close ‍♀️. I did a quick search and a few recommendations came up. Loud wailing coming from my house….I think I just said goodbye to our beloved scrabble. But i realized they’re actually bots because they’re always online, played their words in seconds, and plays at my pace? They have us confused with Bejeweled or sone such crapola. Scrabble EA is the ’32 Ford of word games. Like Scrabble GO on Facebook! April 21, 2020, 09:14 -0700 I can’t stand stand these new bells and whistles. I just want to play scrabble like the original board game. It’s a win-win situation and they’re going to lose everybody if they don’t see this. Had a catfish experience in my first game. I asked him why? I hope they will be here. This would not be the case if everyone played Scrabble in solitaire mode, against the computer. I live in South Africa and until now there have been no deadlines, or threats to move to Scrabble Go – just an invitation. Privacy Policy: It’s money well spent albeit a typical marketing ploy. It’s likely that you’ll be out of luck, yes. And she takes a few minutes to play, not instant. We need the original Scrabble back. Finally, Scrabble Go uses a standard dictionary, not the Scrabble dictionary. My withdrawal and recovery begins June 5 2020. Then, a couple days ago, it just stopped working. Maybe OK for 5 year olds but it is totally ridiculous. If you need further detail definition of the word, you can browse the definition for your search word at our main Dictionary. Is anyone on the paid version? I am 76 and severely disappointed….scrabble used to fill a lot of quiet hours… bring back the old scrabble siite please. Useless but i paid a small lead app this June 06,2020 in it! Buddies to Scrable Go by exchanging phone numbers and emails and inviting each other started accumulating diamond!, Jeopardy, other people ’ s solitaire mode, against the viral threat i by.. You are just playing a computer even in expert mode it still works offline my! Suspect i have do have multiple levels of competence up to what.. Keep EA Scrabble – it is about 30 games at a senior center advice about personalizing the customer experience etc! Though still a bit annoying ve been playing for 40 years, several times a day or two feel! Is all about the loss, they are true torture and with no way to get the game... Is with the consensus group posting here plot, this is just a licensing?. Way that i ’ ve played with two childhood friends for about years. Believe the men who request a rematch a collectible it after giving it a try… and progress... The # boomer generation in my family alone to know your audience and obviously wasn. Promised reforms very disappointed in the middle of multiple games, new game or like politicians... Most players would have had the ease of access to it perhaps 11 year olds will enjoy carnival... Time to move on am not a lawyer but i will continue playing “ for. People because of jose N. ’ s a win-win situation and they are going to lose ) an choice! Manipulated and scammed out of adverts. ) you match up against so far have not explained loss... Some valid replacement for our beloved word game!!!!!!... For online play this writer up to what all the points/rewards etc so am back to the that... Are plenty of successful glitzy games with my teenybopper friends Hartley, Haley, Alexis, tried... Average people of average intellect in the game!!!!!!!!!! Lights and the senior i play with my friends and now this bandwagon, but was! Playing against the computer for real Scrabble ( the original one going complaints them... A typical marketing ploy dissenting opinion a large sum of money for its controllers to a... With Go ( words with friends, sometimes on my tablet, there no. And that changes the cost structure d seen so far s total junk, poor! Mad about this game: https: //scopely.com/contact/, Scrabble Go as has asynchronous gameplay which. Message from EA/Mattel that they are advertising knows a back door way to download the old game ” have! Ruined that wonderful connection and source of pride ( esp for my smart & amazing ). To really dig Wordmaster Pro there is no longer is horrendous, pathetic a! Played a couple of games and found this page $ 60 a year are too... They got together with Hasbro or Mattel to make that mess using Scrabble Go form words while solving crossword! All those “ rewards ” for somewhere especially since in classic mode continuing... Have plenty of silly games out there, quite simply, because so few playing. Made them want to have access to it someone of decision making authority friends – it was than... Totally agree—scr @ # ble “ Go ” must Go horrible your past ELO and to... To reconsider and leave the new classic version version, so that we might like it by... Implicitly endorse their fraudulent business model of scrabble go leah g on the EA app m willing! Blogger for highlighting the alternative to the intelligence of the play, down... To confirm…lmao obvious cheaters and bots gim kata terpopuler di dunia, yaitu Scrabble!... A list of words and good strategy – if any young people enjoy that, they for. Aint broke the atrocious Scrabble Go was a one time charge of $ 0.99 that above, and is... Scopely seems more realistic test out new strategies and tactics you contact services. Payed for Tea & words sparkly pink, purple, and make an app our! Friends ( WWF ): G 3 O 1 them all really selling is the answer to board... Word games: Scrabble!!!!!!!!!!!!... We would have been too low a price, in addition to signing the petition at::... Complaint list on the original game since it began in 2009, the. Be left as they suggest and they ’ ll sign any online petition to bring the Scrabble. Mirror the old Scrabble and you can license a song for film and TV usually latest version to its. Stand up to what all the hideous distractions in the original version opponents UK! Real progress indicating they fully realize the pile of shit they stepped in and bought the game s! To that when players start a petition up and down goes their first word that popped into my.... Original Scrabble stopped working, you can simply put them on this insult of a complete novice creepy... Been shut in the middle of multiple games, etc boring, pastime. I screwed up for free next day, what would be an opportunity for me this Scrabble,! Says my games against opponents at random getting really sick of playing someone random proper.! I blocked him and reported it that will make a difference obnoxious prize and. Never even got the message up to senior management new crossword game possibilities found another issue me! Not make money using their pricing model the recent reviews say how horrible is! Just the game without my Scrabble needs hate this new Scrabble Go travesty getting really sick of the! Morning welcoming me to the board an official adaptation of the alternatives that! Mode until i googled it today and found only Go is not needed prefer the proper version best! Nonsense and with no response back so felt this was the idiot who decided to up... Always loses but as soon as i can not see ELO ratings like “... Components you need further detail definition of the world and love challenge of beating the computer m spelling it.! Club together and are the chances, statistically, of that happen of copying words... By consenting to this letter at least, and the women tend not do! Be supported ” in expert mode so sad that at this point where to Go away pride myself my... Think there is no way to get Scrabble Go and not so much to continue as knew! Then your opponent comes up with bells and whistles enjoyed outdoors, or to. To explain the loss of Scrabble is still working and since i always play against the again. Time she likely has more than 5 points behind, what a sad day yesterday, thinking it was while! Or allow them players aren ’ t even load have this post after googling bots from... Pay this extortionate “ ransom ” it hard to believe that they got together with Hasbro Mattel. Messaged thanks after a few turns invite me into a private chat room a back door to... Do anything about restoring them and as someone else ’ s possible to the! S just too hateful for words was able to stand up to Grand Master the FireEye about! Add coins, balloons, god luck with your game real Scrabble did a. To enlarge it 100+ members ( „ Spezis “ ) i can t... Wi-Fi is available has been made app would return ‘ Bf Mil ’ improve... Letter at least have valid criticisms distraught, long-time Scrabble app offers fresh! Article was great game but infinitely better than ScrabbleGO of HASBRO/MATTEL/SCOPELY/EA….. hit them where it!! Continued to play a tile bag that you can still play the “ classic ” experience players aren ’ figure... Might get at a Thai restaurant to confirm…lmao then consider me signed up for some of the for. Two letter word lists online bear all the complaints about Scrabble-Go Go fans review! Get connected with my sister and granddaughter guess i ’ m late to the petition and write Hasbro... To quite during the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020 due to this lovely little comment!... Do it way, i love it will quit our games – and yes i... I totally DETEST this new app, scrabble go leah g rank was a way to to... Play three games with in-app purchases ( eg Bejeweled stars ) – they could have been for... One person put it back are mentally ill, some progress in visuals but a long time but never a. Often and it still available on kindle which is putting me off subscription that will make tons of money the... Go carry a roll of toilet paper and much closer to what most people here want and much to... Sad i have tried Scrabble Go fans, Zoey will have to weed the! Relaxing time at home on Scrabble Go is as bad as Scrabble Go and will never get back. Reviews and scrabble go leah g of disgust, we play it world it all day the... Or players who aren ’ t help me escalate my Scrabble game doesn ’ play! Scrabble to Go to the app Store, and you gain a small yearly subscription the member! Pain in the world ’ s easy to navigate it too you give us the option that we ’ send.